Automatic Foam EVA Injection Moulding Machine

  • Model:FTD-906UA1, FTD-908UA1, FTD-904UE2, FTD-906UE2, FTD-910UE2, FTD-910US2

7 Advantages:
1.Low operation height:The operation height fits in with ergonomics.
1. Fixed mould opening stroke:By fixed mould opening stroke 350mm, it is not affected by any mould thickness changes and available for 3 plates mould.
2. Mould thickness adjusting mechanism: mould thickness 100~250mm can be adjusted stepless.
3. Rapid mould opening:Act by toggle mechanism, it opens the mould rapidly.
4. Speedy injector movement:Driven by linear-track allowing speedy moving and precise positioning.
5. Efficient vacuuming system
7.No need water circulation for mould station:Using efficient heat insulation material.

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