Two-Platen Injection Molding Machine

  • Model:FTD-500TD, 600TD, 800TD, 1000TD, 1200TD, 1500TD, 1800TD, 2200TD, 2600TD & 3200TD

1. Save about 20% length than general injection molding machines.
2. Extra long opening stroke and mold thickness, suitable for large and deep products making.
3. The four mold clamping cylinders bearing force equally so that the tie bars will not broken and durable.
4. The injection screw and barrel have been nitrogen treatment are wear-proof and durable.
5. Short cycle time promotes high efficient.
6. Automatically mold adjusting.(Patent going to apply for pass)
7. Pneumatic safety door device.
8. Space savable dual-cylinder constituted.

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